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The Essential
The Essential
The Essential
The Essential

face care

The Essential

1 face stick + 1 facial jelly + 1 blotting paper

95% ingredients of natural origin


Discover this must-have trio for your face

Why is it unique?

Do you want to get straight to the point and not accumulate too many products? We have what you need: we have gathered the essentials by focusing on 2 steps: the cleansing and hydration of your skin and have added the must-have product to slip into your pocket for a mattifying touch-up. In short, the essential products to take care of your skin.

What does this set contain?

  • A cleansing stick to cleanse your skin and remove all impurities in a single gesture.

  • A moisturizing jelly to hydrate and soften

  • A blotting paper to absorb sebum excess throughout the day and prevent shiny skin.

Magical results:

On a daily basis, the skin is cleansed, hydrated and very soft.


A light, addictive scent inspired by nature... Green floral notes, and a vegetable scent reminiscent of aloe vera and the aromatic facets of hemp.

Our magic ingredients


Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aloe vera has softening and moisturizing properties.


Rich in omega-3 and omega-6, hemp oil helps prevent dehydration, regenerates, revitalizes and firms the skin.  Our hemp oil is of organic origin and has been cold-extracted, which preserves all its benefits.

HEMP SEED POWDER: Gently helps remove impurities.
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face care

The Essential