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Happy Smile Set
Happy Smile Set
Happy Smile Set

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Happy Smile Set

1 Smile Detox + 1 toothpaste + 1 toothbrush

98% ingredients of natural origin


Natural minty mouthwash for a beautiful smile in 14 days.

What does this wonder do ?

Fresher breath and smoother teeth from the first use.

Detox effect and whiter teeth after 14 days.

Why is it amazing ?

  • Vegetable charcoal is known for its purifying and whitening properties.

  • Coconut oil gives your mouth the detox it deserves.

  • Sodium bicarbonate is known for its whitening action.

Magical results :

Fresher breath and whiter, smoother teeth.

Scents :

Mint flavor : a revitalizing wave of intense freshness.


This product contains

1 Smile Detox : a 14-day natural oil pulling mouthwash
1 Toothpaste : with vegetable charcoal and coconut extracts
1 Toothbrush : a handle made from vegetal plastic

Our magic ingredients

Coconut oil

Give your smile the detox it deserves.

Vegetable charcoal

Known for its purifying properties.

Sodium bicarbonate

Famous for its whitening action.

All ingredients
smile detox
98% natural origin ingredients


1 - Warm up the straw under hot water, then shake it before use.

2 - Empty a full straw into your mouth. Yummy!

3 - (Tenderly) swish the oil around for 5-10 minutes. 

4 - Spit out and rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth normally.


smile detox
Fresh mint taste
smile detox
whiter teeth
smile detox
smoother teeth
smile detox
detox effect

oral care

Happy Smile Set