Infusing shower gel

The future of shower gel is plastic free.

Unicorn Edition
Unicorn Edition
Hello sunshine
Hello Sunshine

How does it work?

Rated as "Excellent" on Yuka
Vegan formula
97,5% natural

Benefits ✌️

🌱 Good for you

A vegan, natural origin formula, formulated without sulfates or other controversial ingredients and with a neutral pH for your skin.

Gel douche

🌍 Good for the planet

A water-free, 10 times more concentrated formula, a glass bottle that can be refilled forever, more responsible shipping (the only thing that gets shipped is the active ingredients, without the 80% water that make up a regular shower gel and which you already have at home) and 33% less plastic than a regular shower gel.

Formule sans eau
Fabriqués en France


Made in France (Earth).

Merci handi

1 refillable shower gel = 22 less plastic bottles on Earth a year*

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*Based on an average 14ml shower gel per French person per day.
(Editor's Note: This study even includes your little sister who takes 4 showers a day singing to Cardi B)

pas Merci handi

our shower gel is...

green refillable reusable
Bouteille en plastique

did you know that...

Bouteille en plastique
Bouteille en plastique

A regular shower gel =

20% active ingredients in a disposable plastic bottle.
Gel douche
Gel douche

A refillable infusing shower gel =

Less plastic waste and more magic.
Gel douche rechargeable
Gel douche rechargeable

Why do we care ?

9 billion tons of plastic have been produced since 1950...

Global plastic production has grown exponentially, from 2.3 million tons in 1950 to 162 million in 1993 and 448 million in recent years. Today, the world produces an estimated 10 tons of plastic a second...

...of which 79% has been disposed of as waste

Only 9% of that plastic production ends up recycled, and 12% incinerated. The remaining 7 billion tons (79%) of plastic waste ends up in pipes, landfills, or dumped in the natural environment, polluting the seas and oceans…

10 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year

There are already 5,000 billion pieces of plastic in our oceans, which represents an estimated 86 million tons of plastic waste. Today, about 75% of the waste that ends up in the oceans is plastic.

Estimates for how long plastic endures range from 450 years to forever.