Smile Detox Mint
Smile Detox Mint
Smile Detox Mint
Smile Detox Mint

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Smile Detox Mint

14 day cure

We all want teeth that sparkle like the Hollywood stars. But we don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them! We’ve reinvented a magical ancestral technique, oil pulling and have chosen a natural formula: no artificial whitening agents, just coconut oil, activated vegetable charcoal, sodium bicarbonate and a cool flavor.


Our 3 natural magic ingredients:

Coconut oil: give your smile the detox it deserves 

Vegetable charcoal: known for its purifying properties

Sodium bicarbonate: famous for its whitening action

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Key Ingredients

Coconut oil

give your smile the detox it deserves 

Vegetable charcoal

known for its purifying properties

Sodium bicarbonate

famous for its whitening action 

List of ingredients:

natural ingredient
synthetic ingredient

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Coconut oil: loaded with saturated fatty acids, it detoxifies the mouth

Aroma / Limonene

This is the Smile Detox flavor: it is responsible for that fresh mint wave sensation in your mouth

Sodium Bicarbonate

Ingredient used to whiten the teeth (for a Hollywood bright smile!)

Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal: it cleanses your mouth and whitens your teeth (for a Hollywood bright smile!)

frequently asked questions

How to use Smile Detox?

1 - Warm up a straw under hot water, then shake it before use.
2 - Empty the full straw into your mouth. Yummy!
3 - (Tenderly) swish the oil around for 5-10 minutes. 
4 - Spit out and rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth normally.

Why do I need to warm up the straw under hot water or in my hands before use?

To allow for a better sensory experience! The more liquid the texture, the more you will appreciate it. Once in your mouth, it will liquify quite quickly anyway.

I’ve heard that charcoal can damage tooth enamel, is this true?

Our Smile Detox formula contains just enough charcoal to prevent it from being abrasive: the enamel of the teeth and your beautiful smile are safe 😉.

The texture is grainy, is this normal?

Yes, no worries: the Smile Detox formula contains a high concentration of coconut oil, and texture will vary depending on the temperature. If you store your Smile detox in a place where the temperature exceeds 24 °C (think Porto-Vecchio in August ☀️), the coconut oil will become liquid, while below 24 °C it will be solid (or grainy).

Should I brush my teeth after using Smile Detox?

If you want a Hollywood-bright smile, we recommend using Smile Detox, then brushing your teeth as usual (3 times a day, just like you mom taught you to).


oral care

Smile Detox Mint