Mini Rainbow Set
Mini Rainbow Set
Mini Rainbow Set

hand care

Mini Rainbow Set

3 x 30ml of love

We captured the three most beautiful colors of the rainbow to put them into a shiny intergalactic holographic pouch.

The perfect kit for you to bring on your next holidays by unicorn!

Flower Power, Hello Sunshine and Mystic Fruits scents

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Estimated delivery on (predicting...) ✌️

This product contains

1 Hand cleansing gel Mystic Fruits
1 Hand cleansing gel Hello Sunshine
1 Hand cleansing gel Flower Power

Key Ingredients

Aloe vera

emollient, to make your hands soft


natural cassava alcohol, used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed

frequently asked questions

Are the beads in the bottle made of plastic?

No, they are emollient beads (they’re better, and prettier) designed by Merci Handy to soften your hands during and after use. You’re welcome!

Are the Merci Handy gels suitable for children?

Our product is made up mostly of alcohol, which can be irritating, especially to children. 
We therefore recommend children over the age of 6 to use this product under adult supervision.

Is this product effective against viruses?

Our sprays are mostly made of alcohol, which is known for its cleaning and disinfecting properties. However, we cannot claim effectiveness against bacteria and viruses since they are cosmetics and not biocides.

Can I drink the gel? It smells so good!

Unfortunately, drinking our gel or using it any other way than to clean your hands is medically, surgically and dermatologically forbidden. Don’t let us down, babe.

Are Merci Handy products tested on animals?

Our products comply with the European regulation 1223/2009 and are therefore not tested on animals. We also refrain from selling our products in countries where animal testing is mandatory (e.g. China). We may love unicorns, but we love all the other animals just as much...


hand care

Mini Rainbow Set